Adult He is Always Near!

  Pull the shades down tight lock the doors, leave you be, you don't want to deal with this anymore.

It's been one of those days, you don't want to struggle anymore, Feel like cyring, maybe your heart is dying. Look inside of yourself, it's just emptyness and despair, look at what you have done, look at what you have seen, you have become so unclean.

Look at how you hate, the life that you lived, how many times you fell from grace, Look at this forsaken place.

Look at how cold you have become, how nothing ever works out in the end, how nobody is really your friend.

Look at the scars on your arms, it's only a matter of time before you give in once more, Look at your past, your just a dirty whore.

So why not get trashed and have some fun, maybe cut some more, no one has to know you can conceal it well, I promise I won't tell.

These are the thoughts that satan puts in my head, the thoughts that I'd be better off dead, but God has taught me to stay strong, to hold on with all my might, I will always have Gods light.

Gods light to show me the way,to show me how many obstacle's I've over come, How much I've grown, That I am never alone, For his love for me God has shown.

He lifts me up, fills me will his undying grace, washes away my fear, For I know he is always near.




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